Ningde 13 year old girl was pregnant teachers rape suspects have Xingju-hamimelon

Ningde 13 year old girl was pregnant teachers rape suspects have Xingju Taiwan network September 24th news according to Xinhua reported that Ningde, a "Shouning County of Ningde City, Xie Tan center primary school teacher the sixth grade students lead to pregnancy" rape of the net posts, on the 21 day in the circle of friends and local network communication, arouse the interest of users and society. Beijing, 22 journalists from the local official was informed that the suspect Moumou has been under criminal detention. More than local insiders told reporters Beijing, girl Xu at oblique oblique Beach Beach Town Center Primary School Grade 6; Chen suspects a department of Xie Tan central primary school teacher, aged 55. "The family later reported, the teacher has been arrested by the police in September 18th." The villagers said, usually the teacher saw everyone is smiling, did not expect to do such a thing, some villagers said after her daughter to school to accompany. Shouning County official 22 released a report reported that in September 18th, a mass of Xu to the County Public Security Bureau, said her daughter was the center primary school teacher Xie Tan Moumou rape and pregnancy. The 13 year old, the county hospital has been pregnant for 30 weeks. Informed that after the incident, the principal leaders of Shouning County Party committee and government immediately instructed; Shouning County Public Security Bureau first time involved in the investigation, the suspect summoned in place; Xie Tan town Party committee, government will set up event coordination leading group for the disposal of the victims and their families were repeatedly comfort and psychological counseling, and cooperate with public security departments to speed up the case the investigation, to take measures to properly dispose of. At present, the suspect Moumou has been Shouning County Public Security Bureau of criminal detention, the case is under further investigation.

宁德13岁女孩遭教师强奸怀孕 嫌疑人已被刑拘   台海网9月24日讯 据中新网宁德报道,一则《宁德市寿宁县斜滩中心小学老师强奸六年级学生导致怀孕》的网帖,21日起在当地朋友圈和网络传播,引起网友和社会关注。中新网记者22日从当地官方获悉,嫌疑人陈某某已被刑事拘留。   当地多名知情人士告诉中新网记者,女孩徐某就读于斜滩镇斜滩中心小学6年级;犯罪嫌疑人陈某某系斜滩中心小学的教师,现年55岁。   “家属后来报案,这个教师9月18日已经被警方逮捕了。”上述村民称,平常这个教师看见大家都是笑眯眯的,没想到会做出这样的事情,一些村民称以后女儿上学都得陪护了。   寿宁县官方22日发布的一份通报称,9月18日,有一群众徐某某向县公安局报案,称女儿被斜滩中心小学教师陈某某强奸并怀孕。受害人现年13岁,经县医院检查已怀孕30周。   通报称,事发后,寿宁县委、县政府主要领导立即作出批示;寿宁县公安局第一时间介入调查,当天将犯罪嫌疑人传唤到位;斜滩镇党委、政府即日成立事件协调处置领导小组,对受害人及其家属进行多次安抚和心理疏导,并配合公安部门加快案件侦查,采取措施妥善处置。   目前,犯罪嫌疑人陈某某已被寿宁县公安局刑事拘留,案件正在进一步侦查之中。相关的主题文章: