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Peking Union Medical College Hospital Dean Zhao Yupei: the resident representative of the medical career — Health Channel – in Beijing in September 12,   (Li Yiqun) recently, the 2016 International Forum in Peking Union Medical College Hospital physician training held in beijing. Peking Union Medical College Hospital Dean Zhao Yupei pointed out that the resident training is the medical students into basic medicine, physicians, medical formation is the cornerstone for the future career. Residents on behalf of the future of China’s medical career, shouldering the responsibility to achieve healthy china. The Union will together with peers in order to enhance the level of Chinese hospital physician training, to discuss the difficult and hot China residency training in the work together to promote the healthy development China give advice and suggestions. Ba Denian China academician pointed out that there is no universal health, there is no comprehensive well-off society, and can not complete the "health Chinese" regulation of the task, it is important to talent, talent demand is good, as we as a medical university or hospital must be borne by the country’s important task. Zhang Shuyang, vice president of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, pointed out that the Xiehe Hospital residency training regulations do not personally train the way how many residents, but the use of traditional teaching union strong school strength, high-quality team of physicians and patients is rich in resources, summed up a set of effective teaching methods of management, training a group of teachers teaching the veteran soldiers and able captains, the establishment of a shared platform a medical education, this is as China Xiehe Hospital residency training pioneer and the first national standardized residency training demonstration base, should shoulder the responsibility of the society. Teacher training is an important part in the field of medical education, and it is also the core factor to determine the quality of resident training. Peking Union Medical College Hospital of the teacher training and training of doctors to uphold the "mentoring" for the characteristics of inheritance system, the implementation of mentoring; attention based on clinical practice teaching mode, emphasizing clinical thinking training; not only pay attention to the training of teachers of specific abilities, also pay attention to the cultivation of teacher road; stratified teaching, teaching and other scientific methods, including the basic ability of teacher training of clinical teaching, skills training, teaching ability training, assessment ability training; and established the system of full participation, comprehensive development and the whole culture of teacher training. At the present stage, the teacher training in the hospital, including the young teacher program, the exchange learning program, the lead program, the clinical postdoctoral program and incentive plan. This forum is organized by the Peking Union Medical College Hospital, China Medical Foundation (CMB) and co sponsored by Chinese Medical Doctor Association, the national health and Family Planning Commission, the Ministry of education leadership, "Chinese residency training elite teaching hospital union representatives, representatives of many hospitals and medical school at home and abroad, the union overseas residents more than 600 people attended the meeting. (right: Xu Xinyi Juan, commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: