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People’s Daily Overseas Edition: Pan entertainment   new media era; shallow alert – media – original title: Pan entertainment alert (shallow clouds ramble) just a few minutes after the video interview, let Fu Yuanhui from the Olympic athletes, the overnight explosion of red, Chinese become a social media platform darling, even widely pay attention to the western media. "The force" has become the new network hot words, her rich expression naturally, it can be made into a cute expression package, become netizens chat. During the Olympic Games, the athletes of the video, screenshots, expression package, scripts maxed out the circle of friends and micro-blog. After Fu Yuanhui, the "white crane spreads its wings" high jumper Zhang Guowei arena, domineering, lovely life table tennis player Malone, Zhang Jike’s, return to the top women’s volleyball girls…… With the Olympic Games the high degree of concern and new media, many ordinary users are not too concerned about sports, also can for these athletes for having heard it many times events. "Pan entertainment spirit of Fu Yuanhui" fame thanks to the new media era become aggravated. The public tends to use the easy spoof attitude to deconstruct all the content, give the spirit of entertainment, create new content. So, when Fu Yuanhui exaggerated funny expressions and language through new media spread out, netizens quickly detect the serious and tense between her and the Olympic Games of the rift, a strong contrast with the words and deeds of Fu Yuanhui to double the entertainment means. Virality of new media will make this pure natural girl had tasted the taste of red net. Pan entertainment in the new media environment, since it has its benefits. Whether it is a coincidence, or carefully prepared to meet the interests of the current public, you may get attention. Now the new media high rate of viral transmission for interesting content provides a convenient. Frank Fu Yuanhui and Zhang Guowei between the players once became network reds, farmers "moving bricks Xiaowei also won everyone’s favorite; carefully designed and action lines Papi sauce can capture the user’s heart. As long as the public interest in the new media era, or it may be unintentional trees, in an unbelievable way to become the focus of attention. In the era of new media entertainment broke the mainstream superior authority, so that ordinary people have the opportunity to get much attention. To accurately grasp the preferences of the audience, is the key factor to success to win the high attention, however, the pan entertainment environment is usually simple, exaggerated to the preferences of the audience. During the Olympic Games, a lot of public numbers, V took advantage of the athletes red, captures some anecdotes, pictures, expression package with, processed into a full of fun, can read and authenticity of suspicious articles. As Zhang Yining made "invincible" and "devil", Lin Dan went to the sidelines for the game breaking racket interpreted as "virtuoso", athletes training in peacetime the pain and hardships also seem to be killed in this entertainment behind. Fragmented reading of the new media era, often require the text content is interesting and concise, and video, pictures are an important weapon to attract readers. Therefore, the network piece spread only to attract the eye surface, easy to understand)相关的主题文章: