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Perspective hot city prices rose   urban "siphon effect" how to break? – Sichuan Channel – People’s original title: Urban siphon effect how to break? City housing prices — hotspot perspective of Xinhua news agency Xinhua viewpoint reporter Yang Yi Shen, Li Jinfeng, Zheng Juntian, Xinhua viewpoint reporter survey found that the first large city for better health care and education infrastructure resources, high degree of aggregation produces "siphon effect" circle continue to expand, not only let the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta city circle a second tier city housing prices rose rapidly, Shanghai neighboring part of small and medium-sized city house prices even in the regulation does not fall up. Hot city control policies landing, the city siphon effect can be broken? A large city "siphon effect" circle expansion in eastern city to strengthen the attractiveness of hardware, regardless of the purpose of housing is owner occupied or investment, a large city "siphon effect" through the housing prices continue to show. China Institute of real estate data released data show that as of August, a comprehensive index of second-hand housing prices rose 32% year on year in Beijing, Shanghai rose by 31% over the same period, Shenzhen rose by 23%. As a second tier city housing prices continue to rise in the big city circle, "siphon effect" is expanding circle. Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, Suzhou, Zhuhai, Huizhou, Zhongshan and other cities prices rose up to about 30%, people feel in the vicinity of the Shanghai and Shenzhen can not afford to buy a house. In Shanghai, a US company sales engineer Lu Junbo, every Friday to HSR return home in Wuxi. Wuxi housing prices are relatively low, when I buy less than 10 thousand yuan per square meter, Wuxi to Shanghai High-Speed Rail ride as long as more than and 40 minutes." "Shanghai house price 50 thousand yuan, 20 thousand yuan Guey us here?" This is the Kunshan property market in Suzhou this year, a popular sales promotion. China real estate data Research Institute released data show that in August this year, Suzhou, Shanghai, a second-hand housing price index rose more than 30%. Behind the "siphon effect" circle expansion, Shanghai Jiading and Suzhou Kunshan land price is "race each other". Two years, were sold with the price more than thirty thousand yuan per square meter of residential, which is driven by two real estate prices rise first to promote mutual conduction, while the other side will eventually lead to compensatory growth. The above situation also appears in the Pearl River delta. Shenzhen housing prices rose sharply after the close of the Dongguan house prices have gone up. Due to the low price base in Dongguan, and its August year on year increase of 23% or more, more than the Shenzhen rose by an annual rate of 35%. After this round of property market regulation policies have landed, the reporter found that there is still no restriction on the purchase of real estate prices in Hebei, Langfang, part of the decline is not going up. In October 8th, Langfang city housing security and Housing Authority official website, since there are 11 projects issued a record price change of publicity, including residential projects are up 5% – 10%, some apartment once rose to 15%. Statistics show that in August this year, the Langfang composite price index rose in the three line of the city is the largest, up to reach 61%, in August the city of three lines相关的主题文章: