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Postpartum calcium deficiency is harmful to pregnant women. There are 3 ways to supplement calcium in lactating mothers. Calcium supplementation to strengthen the Constitution and increase milk secretion in postpartum period is called postpartum calcium supplementation. The risk of postpartum calcium deficiency, because mothers postpartum especially breast-feeding mothers, need to absorb 1200 mg of calcium every day, so that the secretion of each liter of breast milk contains more than 300 mg of calcium. (WeChat laocai Medical Guide: laocaidy) milk secretion is greater, the greater the amount of calcium needed. In addition, breast-feeding mothers had lower levels of estrogen and higher prolactin levels after childbirth. Therefore, before menstruation, the ability to renew calcium is poor, and calcium in the milk tends to consume too much calcium. At this time, if you do not add enough calcium, it will cause mother backache, leg cramps, loose teeth, osteoporosis and other such "confinement disease", but also lead to rickets in infants, affecting tooth eruption, physical growth and development of the nervous system. How to make calcium for pregnant Mommy? 1, tonic is the most reliable and effective supplement a way for pregnant mother. From the fifth months of pregnancy, pregnant mother must drink milk, formula milk or yogurt 250 ml per day, while intake of calcium rich foods in the diet, such as cheese ball (6 balls), tofu (half block, 100 grams), egg (1-2), boiled shrimp (5 tablespoons), cook the sardines (10, medium size), small dried herring (2 tablespoons) and the amount of seaweed or sea cabbage, the calcium uptake capacity of at least 800 mg. 2, every day intends to arrange themselves more sun, especially in winter and spring pregnant mommy. This will allow the body to absorb sufficient VD, so that the bones and teeth of the fetus grow more solid, eliminating congenital rickets and caries factors. Remember, this is what you have to do, and other ways can’t be replaced. If you do some moderate exercise in the sun, you’ll get better results. 3, insufficient parts can be considered from calcium supplement. Fourth months after pregnancy, under the guidance of the doctor, take calcium every day, especially the pregnant women with calcium deficiency, until the ninth month of pregnancy. The intestinal absorption rate is high, the calcium is convenient and cheap as well, such as Caltrate -D. Caltrate -D has two kinds of preparation, one is Caltrate -D600 tablets. Contains 600 milligrams of calcium and 125 international units of VD; the other is Caltrate -D300 chewable tablets containing 300 mg of calcium and 60 international units of VD. If the choice of Caltrate -D600 tablets, after dinner every day take 1 capsules; if the selection of Caltrate -D300 chewable tablets, daily breakfast and dinner respectively take 1 capsules.

产后缺钙危害大 孕妈咪补钙有3招   哺乳期妈妈产后补钙以增强体质,提高泌乳量的行为称为产后补钙。   产后缺钙的危害   因为妈妈产后特别是哺乳的妈妈,每天大约需摄取1200毫克钙,使分泌的每升乳汁中含有300毫克以上的钙。(老蔡导医微信:laocaidy)乳汁分泌量越大,钙的需要量就越大。   再有,哺乳的妈妈在产后体内雌激素水平较低,泌乳素水平较高。因此,在月经未复潮前骨更新钙的能力较差,乳汁中的钙往往会消耗过多体钙。这时,如果不补充足量的钙就会引起妈妈腰酸背痛、腿脚抽筋、牙齿松动、骨质疏松等这样的“月子病”;还会导致婴儿发生佝偻病,影响牙齿萌出、体格生长和神经系统的发育。   怀孕的妈咪如何补钙?   1、 食补是怀孕的妈咪最为可靠、有效的补钙一条途径。从第5个孕月起,孕妈咪必须每天喝250毫升的牛奶、配方奶或酸奶,同时在饮食上注意摄取富钙食物,如球 形干酪(6球)、豆腐(半块、100克左右)、鸡蛋(1-2只)、煮小虾(5大匙)、煮沙丁鱼(10条、中等大小)、小鲱鱼干(2大匙)及适量海带或海白 菜等,使摄钙量至少达到800毫克。   2、每天有意安排自己多晒太阳,特别是冬春季怀孕的妈咪。这样,会使身体摄取充足的VD,让胎儿的骨骼和牙齿发育得更结实,消除先天佝偻病和龋齿的因素。要记住这是必须做的事,其他方法无法替代,如果在晒太阳时做一些适度运动将会效果更好。   3、不足部分可考虑从钙剂中补充。第4个孕月后在医生指导下每天服用钙剂,特别是有缺钙症状的孕妈咪,直至第9个孕月。以肠道吸收率高、服用方便、价格低廉的钙剂为好,如钙尔奇-D。 钙尔奇-D有两种制剂,一种是钙尔奇-D600片剂,含有600毫克钙和125国际单位VD;另一种是钙尔奇-D300咀嚼片,含有300毫克钙和60国 际单位VD。如果选用钙尔奇-D600片,在每天晚餐后服用1粒;若是选用钙尔奇-D300咀嚼片,每天早餐和晚餐后分别服用1粒。相关的主题文章: