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Paiguanzhongxin: League does not have occupation standard strategy just take first steps in the new Beijing sports Sohu in September 26 Xinhua (reporter Wang Muqing) China women’s volleyball Rio Olympic Zhaijin, again aroused China fans special feelings for volleyball. At the same time, China Volleyball League imperceptibly has gone through 20 years, the end of October, the new season of the Volleyball League kicks off, asked about the China Volleyball League future planning, the State Sports General Administration volleyball Management Center Deputy Director Liu Wenbin admitted that China Volleyball League can not say that he is the occupation league. Chinese Volleyball League does not have a professional standard 1996-1997 season, the Chinese Volleyball League has quietly gone through 20 years. But in contrast to "5 years into the 8 billion era of football (Super League), and gold absorption capacity are in hot pursuit of football basketball (CBA League), the development of Chinese Volleyball League has been tepid, often a deserted house. When the League to the threshold of twenty-first years, Liu Wenbin frankly told reporters: from the perspective of the future development of China’s Volleyball League, we are moving towards the direction of professionalism. Chinese Volleyball League has gone through twenty years, to today, dare not say that he is a professional league, the problem is that many do not have professional standards." The reason for this, Liu Wenbin said: "compared with the professional league, many of the elements of our volleyball league does not have the conditions do not have, so we strive to do in this direction." The new season, Chinese Volleyball League changed a lot, from the reform of competition system change, player transfer system, to introduce electronic referee and Hawkeye technology, trying to show the league with a new face appeared. The market development level, sports culture window Limited by Share Ltd to become a volleyball league new business operation promotion partners, strategic development and Chinese Association jointly launched China Volleyball League and operation. Liu Wenbin told reporters, compared to previous years, the new season Volleyball League coverage will be very different from previous years, the biggest change is relying on the network platform, to seize the attention of young people, at the same time to the League to packaging, to create Chinese Volleyball League brand, but is not only a sports game. The "three step strategy" is just the first step of the schedule will not be too optimistic about the first half of this year, 2015-2016 China Volleyball League Volleyball State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center held a summary of the meeting, Liu Wenbin said, China Volleyball League must develop toward the direction of occupation League, the League also has time to reform. At that time, Liu Wenbin put forward the "three step" reform plan, namely: the first step is to find a professional company to run our league; the second step, the club launched the access system, to achieve free transfers; the third step, at the appropriate time for the League to move closer to the occupation alliance, and even create a "Chinese volleyball super league". Six months later, Liu Wenbin explained that many changes in the new season Volleyball League, is the three step strategy has just taken the first step". Volleyball population is less, the league is not enough attention, we first solve these problems. As for when to finish, I can not say. But it can be.相关的主题文章: