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Shanghai Jinling overseas buyers note: 6 million to buy New Zealand villas Shanghai Jinling overseas buyers note: 6 million to buy a villa in the original title: Shanghai New Zealand "California" overseas buyers remember / reporter Zhang Liang, editor of Quan Zeyuan New Zealand property market last year soared, is an important factor in promoting the Chinese buyers. Shanghai Jinling Jiang Zhong (a pseudonym) is a member of the gang in the buyer. In early October, Jiang Zhonggang settled life in the first overseas acquisition, spent 1 million 200 thousand New Zealand dollars (about 6 million yuan) to buy a villa in Oakland city. "Covers an area of 5 mu, with a pool of 2." He turned and looked out of the window and said: "6 million yuan to buy 60 square meters of the two rooms in the inner ring of Shanghai only." Sitting in front of the reporter Jiang Zhong, this year is a thirty, returnees, engaged in the financial industry in Shanghai, the personal assets of tens of millions of yuan. He played the field of financial investment, as early as 2014 that should be part of the funds to invest in overseas markets, New Zealand started to test the property market this year. Oakland is the largest city in New Zealand with the reputation of sailing capital. According to the New Zealand government statistics show that since 2007, the average price in Oakland rose by 86%, but this year has accelerated upward trend. In July this year, Oakland city issued a unified planning, improve the efficiency of land use, land by adjusting the segmentation criteria to release more land, Oakland to alleviate the housing shortage and housing prices rose too fast and so on. At the same time, Oakland has also introduced a series of new policies, including the purchase down payment ratio increased to 40%. The message is bearish on the market, coupled with the cold weather in August, New Zealand, non tourist season, Jiang Chung think the opportunity to come. "I immediately went to Oakland at the end of July." Said Jiang Zhongmin with a mouthful of coffee. There are usually three ways to buy a house in New Zealand: one is to get through the auction; the other is to negotiate a deal. Jiang Zhong said, he participated in several auction, found in the auction center to participate in the auction are Chinese "rush", called back to the house prices are very exaggerated. "Once a central luxury auction, a girl from China in the auction process without considering the price, as long as there is a rival bid, she immediately follow up, shizaibide, finally the house with 3 million 200 thousand New Zealand dollars turnover." Jiang Zhong shook his head and shook his head. Jiang Zhong is not two rich generation, so he doesn’t want to talk to these rich kids in overseas. He decided to purchase directly from foreigners. In August 13th, he found the prey". In a Torbay, was built in the last century in 70s, cement fiber board structure "4+1" villa was photographed 1 million 10 thousand New Zealand dollars, because the seller did not reach expectations and no deal. "I have seen the house after the price is really low, the house will certainly have potential in the future, so decided to sell." ‘4+1’ Huxing, either a person to live, you can also split into 2 sets to rent, but also with a swimming pool. Now take a piece of land in the neighborhood相关的主题文章: