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Speculative mainstream commodity investment boom or reverse the U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants in January 25, 2016, West Siberia of Russia, oil workers to check the pipeline valve. (source: Reuters) Sina stocks 9 pm Beijing time Reuters due to negative interest rates enhance physical assets appeal, the highest level since the commodity investment hit the global financial crisis, but with metals and oil prices difficult, or to reverse the tide of commodity investment. Investors’ risk of lifting commodity positions has increased, as speculative funds have dominated, and long-term investors are increasingly inclined to circumvent this field. According to Barclays data, the first 7 months of this year, about $51 billion of capital into commodity assets, the highest level since 2009. Barclays professional tracking commodity investment data. By this year, many investors rushed to the market rebound in profit, before 19 kinds of commodities tracked by Thomson Reuters index core commodity CRB 2011 has fallen by more than half. Commodity prices have been falling for years, slowing growth in China as a big consumer country, while oil, metals and other products are also being hit by excess supply. The index rose 11% in June this year, a record high this year, but since then has been taking most of the gain. The index fell 23% last year. Barclays commodities research director Kevin Norrish said, "the demand for commodities for most of the year is out of strategic considerations, unless such assets the second half continued to deliver strong returns (and we think this is unlikely), otherwise funds will resume outflow." Part of the concern is that most of the money is from investors in the market, rather than pension portfolio managers who want to make long-term investments. Norrish added: "many large pension funds and other long-term investors are generally cutting long-term strategic positions." In the first half of 2015 to get $39 billion 500 million investment in the field of investment, but the second half of the outflow of $45 billion 900 million, the annual net outflow of $6 billion 300 million. Citigroup analyst Aakash Doshi said, September should be a seasonal weakness in the commodity market, the bank also tracks the flow of commodity investment. "Commodity prices may be short-term sideways or slightly weaker, the continued outflow of funds of passive index products might be September mode of operation," he said in a research report. Since the Brent crude oil prices since the end of January hit a 12 year low has soared more than 80%, but recently has been difficult to record high. * investors turn to the practice that investors have put their cash into commodities since commodity prices have strengthened. Commodities are seen as a way to diversify their portfolios over the course of a boom, increasing inflation hedges and increasing exposure to high growth emerging markets. At that time, pension funds and other long-term investors in exchange for the return of oil, agricultural products and metals through the commodity index, grab 3相关的主题文章: