Surface is pressed out of breath iPad pro – Sohu digital sales is not ideal ratatouille

Surface is pressed out of breath: iPad Pro sales is not ideal – the overall sales of iPad digital Sohu fell one after another, in order to save this embarrassing situation, apple later launched iPad Pro, according to their ideas, since the inevitable decline in sales revenue, so back to the original is completely possible. From Apple’s latest earnings report, iPad sold a total of 9 million 267 thousand units, compared to the same period last year fell 6%, but revenue of $4 billion 255 million and $4 billion 276 million for the same period last year was essentially flat, which shows a situation that is iPad Pro bring relatively good income. IDC today sent the latest shipments data show that apple is still the tablet computer market first, but overall iPad sales dropped significantly, followed by Samsung ranked second, but the decline has reached 19.3%, the market share of 15.1%. In addition, IDC has also conducted a statistical analysis of the sales of iPad, iPad Pro overall sales in the quarter did not account for 13 of the entire iPad series, while iPad Air and mini series is still the mainstream of sales. For such cases, analysts believe iPad Pro definition of productivity tools, but the operation of the iOS series, this is different with the Microsoft Surface too obvious, the high price of its essence with iPad Air and mini did not distinguish what the user fresh market will return to dull the past. Microsoft to continue refueling.相关的主题文章: