Taihu port farm rural tourism development into the back garden of Jingzhou peepsamurai

Taihu port farm rural tourism development into the back garden of Jingzhou Video: Retired Teachers Taihu port of Taihu port to witness the farm farm of Jingzhou ancient city located in the western suburbs, beautiful scenery, can be said to be the garden, Jingzhou in November, "super accent" singing contest in the fourth quarter of farmers will enter here, to follow the reporter’s camera about the port of Taihu farm. The 74 year old Ceng Fankong is a retired teacher, in the port of Taihu farm life. For before the Taihu port construction site, once the old memories. Build a farm of Taihu port in 1957, had the old memories, when both male and female elderly, in order to build farms are under active land reclamation, land reclamation. 50 years old, had a look at this piece of land from fertile acres to no human habitation, operating from artificial transplanting to all machinery, from the past to now the mud road heavy traffic. However, with the change of market demand, the traditional grain cotton oil has been unable to meet the development of the farm. Many farmers are now planted vegetables, and special culture, Zhang Wenjun is one of them. In 2013, he set up cooperatives, to attract members of 162 households, 800 acres of land, built a new model of family farms now. The 800 acres of land planted 50 kinds of vegetables, the use of biological and physical methods of pest control, and the use of organic fertilizer and rapeseed cake. Now, many hotels, dining hall and Zhang Wenjun city signed a contract, and every holiday, many tourists will come to pick, experience farm style. The establishment of family farms, not only let Zhang Wenjun drum pockets, but also to the nearby villagers to provide employment opportunities. With the development of the port of Taihu farm in rural tourism, Zhang Wenjun’s business is getting better. It is understood that the Taihu port farm area of 62.7 square kilometers, 60 thousand acres of arable land, population 35300 people, under the jurisdiction of the 5 natural field and two neighborhood. In 2012, the provincial government issued a document approved the construction of Huazhong Agricultural Area here, Huazhong Agricultural in Taihu port area farm is the core area, the core area of the construction area of Huazhong Agricultural headquarters, high-tech agricultural research and development center, high-end agricultural industry cluster, cooperative innovation park, agricultural international agricultural products logistics center, modern agricultural demonstration zone, the new rural community. In November this year, sponsored by Jingzhou TV’s "super accent" singing contest in the fourth quarter of the farmers into the port of Taihu farm, please pay attention. Pay attention to "Chu Jingzhou" fine gift for you to take!

太湖港农场大力发展乡村旅游 蜕变成荆州后花园视频:退休教师 见证太湖港农场变化  太湖港农场位于荆州古城西郊,风景秀丽,可以说是荆州的后花园,11月份,《超级乡音》农民歌唱比赛第四季将走进这里,先跟随记者的镜头了解一下太湖港农场。  曾凡孔今年74岁,是一名退休教师,在太湖港农场生活了一辈子。对于太湖港建场之前的情况,曾老依然记忆犹新。太湖港农场1957年建场,曾老回忆,那时候不管男女老人,为了建好农场,都主动下地开荒、垦荒。  50多年来,曾老看着这片土地从荒无人烟到良田万亩,从人工插秧到全机械化操作,从过去的烂泥路到现在车水马龙。然而,随着市场需求的变化,传统的粮棉油已经不能满足农场的发展。许多农民现在都改种蔬菜,和特种养殖,张文军就是其中一位。2013年,他成立了合作社,吸纳社员162户,土地800亩,建成了现在的家庭农场新模式。这800亩土地共种有50多种蔬菜,采用生物、物理方法治虫,并使用有机肥和菜籽饼肥。现在,张文军和城区的多家酒店、食堂签订了合约,并且每到节假日,许多游客会来采摘、体验农家风情。  家庭农场的成立,不仅让张文军鼓了腰包,也给附近的村民提供了就业机会。而随着太湖港农场乡村旅游的发展,张文军的生意也越做越好。  据了解,太湖港农场面积62.7平方公里,耕地面积6万亩,人口35300人,下辖5个自然分场和两个居委会。2012年,省政府发文批复在此地建设华中农高区,华中农高区以太湖港农场为核心区,核心区将建设华中农高区总部、农业高新技术研发中心、高端农业产业集群、农业国际合作创新园、农产品物流中心、现代农业展示区、新农村示范社区。  今年11月,由荆州电视台主办的《超级乡音》农民歌唱比赛第四季将走进太湖港农场,敬请关注。 关注“大楚荆州”,精美好礼等你来拿!相关的主题文章: