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The 20 fighter Chinese completely changed in 500 years is not as good as people age in Zhuhai: Chinese "is not as good as people show" history is ending an assistant researcher at the Jiangsu strategy and Development Research Institute Gu Shanwen f -20 fighter Fengming sound let South of the Zhuhai on November become domestic and foreign military experts attention where. Since 2010, all kinds of advanced UAV, -20 and f -31 debut, let every two years at Zhuhai gradually carrying the historical trend of an exciting: 500 years, Chinese "inferior" era is rapidly ended, the quality of our military equipment has made great strides in approaching u.s.. Or it is more intuitive: it is the turn of other countries to use the "flesh and blood" against China’s weapons, provided that if these countries are determined to fight against china. Now, the Zhuhai airshow has developed into a large-scale comprehensive exhibition of defense. The exhibition is not only the aerospace equipment, including tanks, wheeled assault guns, rocket launchers and other ground and even some naval equipment, to show the basic features of China arms real-time progress. The show’s superstar is China developed, can emulate the U.S. F-22A stealth fighter f -20. Judging from the currently known information, J -20 in HMS, optical distributed aperture system (EODAS) and excellent body aerodynamic layout and other details, clearly reflects the advantage of F-22A. With a helmet mounted sight, f -20 can launch the most advanced large off-axis short-range dogfight IR air-to-air missile PL-10, "over the shoulder" attack on F-22A; conversely, F-22A the development of hardware and software earlier, did not take into account into the "see where" HMS, therefore can not play a powerful AIM-9X air-to-air missile "over the shoulder" attack ability. Over the next 5 to 10 years, afterburner thrust 18 tons, 10 homemade turbofan -15 / engine successfully developed and equipped troops, fighters -20 will be able to suppress F-22A, to become the world’s most excellent fighter. The United States refused to sell the so-called "sensitive areas" UAV equipment, so the vast market away: Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Qatar and other countries will choose to buy properties and be roughly the same price is more expensive China products — -3 and -4 rainbow rainbow ucav,. The air show, the latest improved rainbow -5 debut, this UAV with a wingspan of 21 meters, a maximum range of 6500 kilometers, the life time of 40 hours, maximum takeoff weight of 3.3 tons, the load of 1 tons, can carry 16 missiles, its performance has exceeded the U. S. predator drone. In pterosaurs series and Rainbow series UAV for Chinese UAV technology and development ability has the pedigree of following the United States, ahead of all other countries in the world. Not only is a stealth fighter and advanced UAV, now most once made us weapon we admire, the PLA has equipment. For example, U.S. C-17 transport aircraft, E-3 aircraft and Tomahawk cruise missiles, so China troops are equipped with -20 aircraft, air marshals -2000, air marshals shipped similar -500 AWACS and "sword" cruise missile..相关的主题文章: