The 63 year old case of love, Tang Wei Beckham wearing her wedding dress… She conquered the whole xpphone

The 63 year old case of love, Tang Wei Beckham wearing her wedding dress… She used her wedding to conquer the world recently mainland entertainment place a lot of things, Baoqiang Wang divorce only temporarily paragraph, but also exposed the song Andy Poser derailed, female fans, little sister (micro signal: entifengvip) had mixed feelings of "treasure" Zibei don’t let people worry ah. Today do not mention them, to share with you the story of the winner of life! Today, I want to say is "wedding Queen" Wang Weiwei. Holding the glass of it, is Wang Weiwei, she is 67 years old this year, while holding her hand this is his boyfriend, just over thirty years, 31 years old this year. Now and then Wang Weiwei with little boyfriend staged "would kill", but also take the initiative to hold each other’s hands, looks sweet love. Although the style looks a bit like a mother and son, but love this thing, who set an age. Mention Wang Weiwei, everyone’s first reaction is certainly Vera Wang, yes, and her name is the world’s top wedding brand Vera wang. In the entertainment world, wearing a wedding dress Vera Wang into the marriage hall, is the dream of every female star has been walking in the fashion tip of the Vitoria is wearing her wedding. Here the former US President Clinton’s daughter, also dressed in a Vera Wang. Key to the pursuit of the perfect wedding of Annie Yi, is a set of 4 sets of Vera Wang yourself. Tang Wei: Cherrie Ying, Carina Lau, Chen Yao, etc. are wearing her wedding wedding. Entertainment, fashion circles and even politicians have a liking for Vera Wang, showing the influence of Vera Wang. The United States in 2015 Forbes selection start empty-handed women, Wang Weiwei for $400 million (about 2 billion 600 million yuan) wealth ranked thirty-fourth, she has won the highest honor of the American Association of American fashion – Fashion Designer received the lifetime achievement award, and in the last year by the American "Newsweek" (Newsweek) selected as the 15 most powerful one of the world’s women. Not only in business play fast, the feelings she freely and at the age of 63, she divorced, now the boyfriend is smaller than her 36 year old world figure skating champion Ivan · Lesa Cheik, is the sister (micro signal: entifengvip) said at first that she and a man close to eat. Others are sixty years old grandchildren at home, why she can appear in the gathering of celebrities attracted attention, today my sister (micro signal: entifengvip) and everybody to tell her story. My father graduated from MIT, my grandfather is not a simple warlord, Wang Weiwei Wang Weiwei was born in the United States developed on the upper east side of Manhattan, father Wang Chengqing graduated from Yanjing University (now Peking University), after studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. And founder of the Sen Mei industries (U.S.SummitCompany), has been far east agency U.S. steel and general motors and other large companies to enter the business, petroleum and chemical industry, become the famous Chinese entrepreneurs. Mother Wu Chifang was a United Nations interpreter..相关的主题文章: