The Champions League with guest appearances recommended Jedi – Sohu

The Champions League is recommended: Labori guest appearances Jedi – Sohu SMG football Tuesday 001 Champions League game time: 2016-11-02 VS Besiktas JK Labori 01:45 asian handicap: 1.06 average day: 3.40 the even half 0.84 3.20 1.95 in the last week of Besiktas JK League visit to 1 1 draw with real spvgg Bayreuth, continue to maintain a good state of the recent new season. 14 of the official tournament unbeaten record, and a 3 to 2 victory over Labori in the last round; while visiting Labori in last week’s war over more than 1 2 defeat to Juventus, at the end of the League two game winning streak record, the team’s morale is definitely affected, and nearly 4 League record only to win on the road, no fighting ability. In the nearly full state and has won the battle at hand but under the premise of the Asia chupan it opened a guest Let flat half low water, visible signs of spinach is very obvious to the company by. In Europe, the 1.88 Yi Shengbo win by chupan 1.95 has been lowered to by injection, Europe refers to for the guest – hit is also making a strong defense, combined with the overall combat capability of the two teams, the game played with a low-key to take all three points back. SMG Shengping Fu recommended: 0 cz100 recommended: Napoli (half)相关的主题文章: