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The children don’t Out of the mouth comes evil., so to speak – some Sohu maternal married couples will be very happy Xiangjingrubin, but some couples are unfeeling. Between husband and wife should care for each other, care for each other, when talking to take care of each other’s feelings. The following six words, is likely to make his wife immediately fell out: 1 you are nagging woman love to talk, at home can only say to listen to her husband with his husband, also want to chat, talk about home. Some husbands in watching TV and playing games or a bad mood, his wife talking, he will feel tired, casually say a word "you are nagging", which destroys the wife’s interest, not happy. A good wife may endure, if it is a bad tempered moment. When the husband wants to chat, the wife does not want to pay attention, this will affect the exchange of feelings between husband and wife. 2 you will become fat pig is the nature of beauty, women are more so. A lot of women because of family relations, no longer like the past so slim body fat, afraid to abandon their husband. They tried many ways to lose weight, the husband does not help, but in front of his wife said "you will become fat pig", this sentence may be a joke, but the wife will probably hear immediately and you fell. 3 you and your mother are sometimes husband with wife of the same mould in chat, will not complain that the mother-in-law even said, "you and your mother are of the same mould", this sentence is certainly hear wife quarrel with you immediately. Between husband and wife to the present, do not involve both the old man, otherwise it will damage the relationship between husband and wife. 4 how do you bully my mother daughter relationship is the most difficult to deal with, even if again careful there will still be a contradiction. At this time the husband should act as the two "peacemaker", you know, no matter which side will favor the intensification of the contradictions. Wife filial piety is a must, but also to ask the contradiction of reason, if the husband indiscriminately mouth said: "why did you bully my mother". This is not only not conducive to resolving the contradiction but will intensify contradictions, undermine the relationship between husband and wife. 5 you this child as I once a child or do the wrong thing is not good, some father will say: "you this boy like me," when he had said this does not mean anything, mostly angry words. But it is not the case in the wife, they will think that you suspect that she cheated on you or did not teach a child, it is easy to cause conflict, to know that children, the father has half the responsibility! 6 do not want to directly say that not only the husband likes to compare his wife with other women, the wife is the same. When I watch TV, some women will take her husband with the drama of the Obama compared to wife perhaps to encourage her husband to progress, but because of her husband some casually say don’t want to just say so ". This sentence is a very easy to let the wife fell out, think you are disgusted with her. No matter how big the contradiction between husband and wife, some words are definitely not easy to say, once the export, the consequences may be very serious, the problem encountered between husband and wife, should be treated calmly, rational treatment相关的主题文章: