The former Barcelona strongest short board was a cipher even burst main worrying (video)

Basa’s strongest short board was a cipher even burst main worrying [Mascherano Basa] less meritorious report 5-1 away win two Messi ball Su God (data) eyes defense, almost led to Basa (official data) ball sports news Basa at the Tencent in September 17th Laijianei Adams, the first half will lead the ball 3, but the backbone for many years Mascherano still does not change the recent downturn, opponents from his defense for breakthrough without shame, teammates help wrecker, Basa had lost the ball. Then contact the League because it directly leads to two ball, worrying pony brother status. Enrique made three defender, but Juventus defender Matus three (official data) and the Italy national team that 352 different formations, Barcelona back three more like the three version of the Bayern defender Guardiola, about two guards not to the road too much closer to defend to the edge of road block opponent winger assault. The Mascherano campaign at right halfback, the road becomes a key opponent, several times almost burned. The most awkward time, the campaign is 33 minutes, Eli Gane J rented from Granada left winger Marquis ball breakthrough in high speed, positive defensive ability is well known in the world of Mascherano, 9 years younger than his Venezuelan star can do nothing, opponents from the body side easily super car, Marquis walked outside also circuitous inside, complete block shot in Argentina international front, but teershite timely closure angle, stopped the single foot ball. The second response is not fast enough, Mascherano watched Marquis and ran to grab the middle second ball shot, it is from the left back position side up against over Umm Titi, lightning to kill in front of the opponent at gate door rescue, a ball which is closest to the first half of Eli Gane J break. Team two times in a row up against the final relief regardless of personal danger, pony brother embarrassment, to know that Barcelona was only 2-0 lead, if being chased into 2-1, the situation will again delicate. Similar embarrassment, Mascherano made the opening encounter times, half an hour is several times by Marquis on the success of a breakthrough, the Spanish first-class wing, the strength is not strong in the Venezuelan team only played 2 times, but in the confrontation with the pony but brother advantage, the first half shot 3 times in his 2 times also make 2 fouls Barcelona will have to force the formation, tilted to the right, right protection zone. After the era of Puyol, Mascherano and Peake combination is Barcelona defender to choose the best, but this summer after the Copa America after the return, the state is not ideal, before the League 3 round only a first, or home court negative 1-2 Alves, and promoted the two goal, he can not shirk responsibility, so after the Champions League opener Enrique firmly chose Umm Titi as a centre back. The France international Enrique adaptable, exaggerated words, "like in Barcelona for a lifetime, so they also put pressure on the new aid, meritorious veteran, if not promptly adjust, pony brother might have lost his position. (Cuchu)相关的主题文章: