The guy married his girlfriend of 25 days after his wife died of cancer – public channel in its

The guy married his girlfriend of 25 days after his wife died of cancer – public channel in its arms 5 years ago, 18 year old Wei Ping left home for Jilin Yushu to work in Shanghai, as a waiter in a restaurant. From Anhui, Hefei Bao Tao, is the youngest chef in the restaurant. The wandering to single girl, will inevitably encounter bullying work, Bao Tao always help. Two young hearts tightly dependent, in a night shift on the road, Bao Tao expressed love to Wei Ping. Two people love flatly light, but there are waves. The most difficult time, the rental office all valuables stolen, this let two people take wings to itself, distress to three days to eat a meal. This is the end of two years of dating, Bao Tao Wei Ping’s love of commitment. 5 years, regardless of what the decision to do, Wei Ping always accompany with no complaints. At the beginning of this year, both parents meeting to discuss marriage, going to a wedding in October. However, in their most happy moments, Wei Ping was sick: advanced liver cancer. Break up, is sick after Wei Ping’s only idea, but Po Tao refused her request to break up, and put forward to get married immediately. In the face of the proposal, Wei Pingxin hesitate. But Bao Tao’s insistence, finally touched Wei Ping. The morning of August 5th, Jilin Changchun, in a number of local units and the help of caring people, Tao Bao married bride Wei Ping cancer. Two people’s love in Hefei and Changchun caused a sensation. After the wedding, they returned to Wei Ping’s hometown of Changchun elm. During this time, Bao Tao has been accompanied by the side of Wei Ping, there are many caring people and business groups are also concerned about Wei ping. Some people even drove to Changchun elm, sent her to the Chinese medicine, pain relief, looking forward to a miracle. In August 28th, Wei Ping did not eat a few days has been very weak, the family took her to hospital for her lost nutrients. But on the second day, Wei Ping urged to go home. At home, she allowed Bao Tao a person to accompany her. 29 on the evening of more than 10 points, Wei Ping breath even more weak. August 30th at 1 in the morning, Wei Ping said some cold, Bao Tao just hold her to sit up, Wei Ping stopped breathing. The morning of August 30th, Wei Ping’s body was cremated, Bao Tao conceal grief, he would take Wei Ping’s ashes back to Hefei. Wei Ping’s family said, "in fact, very grateful to Bao Tao in Wei Ping last time to give her happiness, Tao Bao future road is still very long, we also worry about the impact of his later life, decided not to let Bao Tao take the ashes, we all hope Bao Tao will soon come out from the sadness in." Wei Ping childhood love love water, Jianghai, so I decided to get Wei Ping’s ashes thrown into the home near Songhua River. On the afternoon of August 30th, Wei Ping’s family released a message: thank the community for the help of Wei Ping, concern and care. Wei Ping did not leave regret, very calm. May all good people live in peace and take care of themselves. Source: Hefei Online相关的主题文章: