The old man on the street selling old photos jinshen

The man on the street to sell the old leader to do the old photos, this is my grandfather’s photo, he died, the photo will be broken in the countryside. Would like to retain the grandfather of the 1964 national leaders to review the troops to sell photos, to understand the people." On Sunday, at the traffic lights beside the rhubarb Road, a middle-aged man looks about 40 years old sitting on the side of the road, a length of about 2 meters, a width of nearly 0.5 meters of photos taken on the ground to the price of $380. Reporters approached the observation of the photo, there are at least hundreds of photos, Mao Zedong and other national leaders are among them. A large group of photos have attracted a number of passers-by. The seller claimed to be a bang bang, ID card photo. "This is my ID card. You see, I’m not lying to you." Reporters in the online search found that the contents of this photo is true, but the photo is not really to be identified. An identification of images on the web have the electronic version of the photo, online identification is given: the original new reprint, the market is very common, there is little value for collection, as the reference picture can also be. Who lives in that Kang years, engaged in photographic work for more than 30 years, Mr. Liu said, ordinary photos after scanning a computer, a water soaked tea, can reach the effect of the old. Today’s computer synthesis technology developed, we must carefully invest in similar collections." Experts remind residents to buy the best collection of regular trading venues.相关的主题文章: