The rocket explosion is not finished, 3 billion, 400 million debt arrears, musk decide on what path sichen

The rocket explosion is not finished, 3 billion, 400 million debt arrears, musk decide on what path to follow? Musk Elon (Musk) has once again become the center of the news topic, but this time he will not be happy. Beijing time yesterday evening, SpaceX of the "Falcon 9" (Falcon 9 rocket) in the United States Florida rocket launchers exploded. At that time the rocket is conducting a static ignition test, Mask said the explosion occurred in the top of the oxygen tank near the rocket, but the specific cause of the explosion is not clear. What’s worse, the explosion not only pit musk himself, also pits his buddy Zuckerberg. The Falcon 9, which was co operating with Facebook and AMOS-6 (Eutelsat Communications) in Europe, was destroyed by the $two hundred million satellite. And it would have been an important part of Facebook’s Internet project, which would have been launched to sub Saharan Africa, providing free Internet services for the local. But now, everything is gone. Last night, the whole process of the explosion, the explosion point in 1:00 or so, although small tie himself in the face book, said, "very disappointed (deeply disappointed)", but he suffered the loss and pressure is not large. Instead of musk, the explosion will undoubtedly give him quite recently people questioned the "financing problem" caused a greater negative impact. The loss of money is secondary, time and resources are more critical. Fortunately, the explosion did not cause any casualties. Of course, Tesla’s share price plummeted by nearly 5%. So, who will pay for the explosion? First, if you buy insurance for the launch, the insurance company will pay for it. According to relevant data, the United States each year there will be a few companies for about 50 times the launch of a $750 million premium. Taking into account the success rate of the rocket launch is generally very high, so only when you cost more than 100 million U.S. dollars, buy insurance is cost-effective. Fortunately, SpaceX seems to have bought insurance for it. However, the accident of Falcon 9 there are special, because of the explosion in the engine ignition before, according to the SpaceNews Peter B. de Selding news reporter, the insurance company will pay for the accident after the ignition has been in such incidents only. (Falcon 9 rocket), of course, SpaceX can also be compensated for by means of "cargo insurance", but how much does it cost? Will it include Facebook’s satellite loss fee? These are not clear, to wait for the insurance company and the specific consultations between the SpaceX. At the same time, in addition to the loss of money, perhaps SpaceX will face the loss of time and resources. Last June, Falc.相关的主题文章: