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The second-hand car electric car is easy to shoot and excellent car Eslite integration behind Beiqi surfaced – Sohu auto paper |AutoR intellectual drive Li Mingyang spring planted in the autumn harvest is due to the fruit. In the moment of winter is the fruit or fruit is to see their good luck. Whether it is the second-hand car electricity supplier in the field of investment or the ordinary people in their life, Dadanaonao is the industry will become a breeding opportunities gold deposit. Everyone car and melon seeds used car has announced the financing of the same time, the news about the upcoming merger of the two cars regularly. In this moment of mutual rumor, once occupied the first big trading platform of the car easy to shoot came with excellent car Eslite merger news. And the news is true for the time being. This news is the background of the car is easy to shoot will get a new round of financing, the investor is Beiqi group’s wholly-owned subsidiary of Beiqi production investment. Beijing investment will become the first major shareholder. If the two sides finally reached a cooperation, which means that the car is easy to shoot the restructuring will be in accordance with the investment willingness of beijing. During the two sessions this year due to the prime minister Li Keqiang in the government work report made the active second-hand car market to support the development of the industry, and lead to capital concern. The Ministry of Commerce in accordance with the deployment of the State Council, in promoting the general idea is to focus on the automobile consumption, automobile from the full circulation chain, in the new car, used cars, scrap cars three link force, pulling a new incremental and revitalize the stock of second-hand car, yellow car and old car to promote reduction. In the face of growing new car sales, as well as the replacement of idle vehicles to replace the car, the second-hand car market outlook will be a red sea. But in the spring of 315 party CCTV, the car is easy to shoot become guns, traced to vehicle transactions shady, inconsistent transactions between the two sides to see the price, the car is easy to shoot a profit suspected of cheating consumers from. This is the premise of establishing an industry business model, as it is today through the mobile phone software called the car to see the price of both sides is different, but after the CCTV "315" incident exposure, the car is easy to shoot the second-hand car business has shrunk severely, served as a second-hand car trading leader in the car easy to shoot, downhill. According to the statistics of public auction data show that the car is easy to shoot the country’s main business in sync and fast easy to shoot the current situation is extremely bleak, the total turnover fell 62%, a serious shortage of hair shoot down by up to 50%. This may be the first major shareholders voted to BAIC’s identity into the car easy to shoot the opportunity. From 2010, the car is easy to shoot on the line so far has been the Morningside capital (2010 5 million), Morningside capital, Jingwei China (2013 20 million), Morningside capital, Jingwei China, innovative workshops, industry fund (2014 50 million), Chinese latitude and Morningside capital, Sequoia Capital, Renren, ZTE capital, hina (2015 110 million) the four round of financing). The car is easy to shoot by CCTV 315 party is undoubtedly a huge impact. According to the auction statistics show that the car is easy to shoot the main business, and make a quick and easy synchronous shoot scholar相关的主题文章: