The thief was arrested in Heze Zhuangfengmaisha is murder suspect even betrayed googims

The thief was arrested in Heze Zhuangfengmaisha is murder suspect even betrayed 20 years ago, Henan city of Zhoukou Province, Li Mou intentional homicide after absconding. He did not think of how, in our city car theft was arrested after a series of "performance" fool like, not only to help cover their identity, but aroused police suspicion. Police investigators after more than a month of tracing, and ultimately verify the identity of the murderer of Li murder. The thief was caught peony Public Security Bureau police station abnormal behavior Nancheng solemnly to the peony evening news reporter, things from more than two months before the robbery. August 26th, who lives in the liberation of the city of the streets of the public Mr. Wang a bike stolen. After receiving the alarm, the police through the retrieval of surveillance video surrounding the incident, found on the same day at 14:50, a middle-aged man riding a bicycle and Mr. Wang, the interception of a suspected image. Through various investigations, the police learned that a regular in the city and road and Guangfu street intersection play more suspicious man. September 26th, the police after comparison, confirmed that the man is the suspect, arrested. The police will be brought back to the police station for questioning, the man’s performance was very strange: lying on the ground, asked for police refused to cooperate, even with both hands tear hair, behave crazy. Out of the suspect’s personal safety considerations, the police will be taken to the hospital for examination. The man can not cooperate with the inspection, the police also use pedal tread. After a series of examination, the doctor concluded: the man’s body all normal. Once again brought back to the police station, the man refused to cooperate with the investigation. The police visited the investigation, and with the surveillance video, from a number of aspects to verify the facts of the crime of theft of the man, he implemented a criminal detention coercive measures. Continue to dig deep identity while the man was to expose the fugitive criminal detention, but he is too abnormal in the hearts of the police answerless. The man held the solemn introduction, after director Wang Xianping again organized police study. Police investigators agreed that the man must have other major crime suspects, to confirm their identity is the primary problem. After the man repeatedly arraigned, spoke in October 1st, admitted a number of facts of the crime of theft, but his identity is still silent. And through visits and often playing with the crowd, the police learned that the man usually does not communicate with others out of contact with anyone, and no one knows his real name, only know that he is from Henan province. After that, the man under pressure, claiming to be Zhang Moumou, who lives in Jinshui District, Zhengzhou. However, the police in the area of all the people called Moumou after the investigation, were not found in the identity of the man. In October 4th, the police questioned the man again, he confessed his desperation named Li Moumou, who lives in Luyi town of Zhoukou City, Henan province. According to this information, the police again for verification, although the information found Li Moumou, but judging from the appearance, age and so on, Li Moumou is not the man. October 10th, the man finally confessed, his real name is Li Mou, Li Moumou is self-reported相关的主题文章: