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The training field around " air leakage " Gao Hongbo with a team training " mihunzhen; " – Beijing yesterday Chinese team training session in Seoul is not closed, the content of training and national football squad also make eyes, but Gao Hongbo has always been good at the Korean people the true mingled with the false, in the end how many letters. Closed up the training field in the Super 5 play South Korea foreign aid, plus 5 in the Super League coach of South Korea coach, to tell the truth, the South Korean team to understand the Chinese team number is not a difficult task. Despite this, Gao Hongbo has taken a closed training model in the recent period. Before the training, the Orangemen at most open 15 minutes, let the players run the circle of people to see, and then shut the door to his bitterness. However, this mode of training before the game was broken last night, there is no closed conditions outside the stadium, so that the original 15 minutes of opening time into a legend. More than 10 South Korean media throughout the country to watch the whole process of training, which makes the country in front of the Korean team became transparent. At 4:30 yesterday afternoon, the foot of the World Cup Stadium in Seoul, South Korea’s first training in the field, the entire training session lasted nearly 2 hours. Before the training, the Orangemen to South Korea proposed closed training request, but because the field training game field surrounded by ventilation, does not have the closed training conditions, so, even after 15 minutes, the media have been routinely out of court, but all through the simple periphery with barbed wire separated, still clearly see the China training team. On one side of the pitch and even a small hill, standing on the hillside, more of the national football training content at a glance. In this case, more than and 10 South Korean media reporters to watch the full court training. Because in recent years, China and South Korea AFC Champions League Club many battles, many South Korean media people, for China international is quite familiar with, they kept asking Chinese counterparts some related topics, each is a familiar with the situation. The practice of no less practice closed up to the stadium, something secret has been impossible, but this is the country foot in the two training opportunity of China and South Korea before the war, so time will not allow Gao Hongbo not drill lineup and tactics, so Gao Hongbo suoxing frankly brought the players nearly 2 hours of training. From the warm-up to the shot, and then to the technical and tactical exercises, all aspects have been trained. Yesterday to attend international training 24 people, in addition to Hao Junmin to Seoul after a slight cold out, other people all arrived at the scene. After a simple warm-up, the foot of the first team members to focus on the training site on the side of the goal at the shooting training, the beginning of the players are facing the goal hit the door, the results of the quality of the door is not ideal, non biased high. The second group is the area outside the shooting practice, outflanking players do not stop directly hit the door, may have to find the feeling before the shooting practice, the shooting quality increased slightly, but it is not perfect. Third groups of shooting practice content is winger, two players in the middle of this group of grabbing the shot, shot was significantly better than the first two groups, Zhang Xizhe, Sun Ke, Wu Lei, Yu Dabao etc..相关的主题文章: