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Trust company to explore the political and economic cooperation in the new space Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! – reporter Liu Xiacun Masanobu business cooperation has been a mainstay of business trust, but generally fall into the exhibition industry to the dilemma of local financing platform — asset shortage makes a lot of money to implicit government credit, for Masanobu business model of traditional and current assets, end prices decreased significantly faster than the funds the end, some of the trust company Masanobu business has nearly stalled. The industry believes that the traditional Masanobu business exhibition industry is a common difficult problem, the whole industry is facing the transformation is imminent, but not all PPP business development; on the contrary, in some underdeveloped areas, the traditional Masanobu business model still has development space. The difficulty of the business model of the business development of the traditional business model of the political affairs of the government is increasingly difficult, it is an indisputable fact. According to the China Trust Industry Association statistics, as of the end of the two quarter, in the trust funds to invest in the proportion of basic industries accounted for 17.31%, becoming the largest area of the trust asset allocation. Since 2015, the proportion of basic industries showed a downward trend in the first quarter of last year was 20.75% in the two quarter of 18.48% in the three quarter of, the fourth quarter is down to. According to the insiders, "continued loose monetary asset shortage, economic situation, reduce market risk appetite, local financing platform for a lot of money into implicit government credit, government debt and the replacement of the implementation of the policy, makes a lot of local government is not bad money". A trust manager said: "some of the local government is not bad money trust with wild speculations, individual local governments even for non-standard requirements across the board, under the platform of the company through the unified pricing cost of non-standard financing, even have no room for negotiation." Many trust managers believe that the infrastructure trust, the current asset price decline significantly faster than the capital side. Whether for financial institutions and other institutional investors, or as a high net worth individual investors, trust products have higher yields. Trust product yields continue to decline, for many of the trust companies, even raise funds are difficult. China Securities Journal reporter learned that, precisely because of the above reasons, some of the trust has been forced to suspend infrastructure trust business. Because of various financial institutions are competing for a good platform for the project, so sometimes trust products have been completed and although the issue of the amount of customers booking, but due to the financing side and find a lower cost of capital, will cancel the withdrawal, this situation began to increase in the first quarter of this year. The industry worried that the traditional infrastructure trust business may be gradually squeezed out from the infrastructure. The traditional model still has Zhang Xiaopeng think the person in charge of the space bridge trust infrastructure business, traditional Masanobu business exhibition industry difficulty is a common problem facing the entire industry, the transformation is imminent. Zhang Xiaopeng further said: "PPP is a key research direction of the trust industry in the next step, but not on相关的主题文章: