WeChat women’s pregnancy dating flash marriage in less than 1 years sued for divorce in the new netw zhuxianduowan

WeChat women’s pregnancy dating flash marriage in less than 1 years sued for divorce failed – Beijing, Nanfang Daily News (reporter correspondent Liu Guannan Li Qiuling Ouyang Yan Tao Zheng Liu Jiaxing) with the rapid development of mobile Internet and mobile phone terminal, mobile phone software has become a new social courtship artifact". From the line to the next line, and a synchronization into the marriage hall, dating software brings fate, but also need to be treated with caution. Recently, the Conghua District Court on the admissibility of the hospital’s first case of dating software acquaintances get married, less than a year on the court to divorce cases in Guangzhou. The fate and dating software in the vicinity of the people rushed in April 2015, a 21 year old woman Xiaomei by WeChat in the near person "function known as her one year old man who, after a few days of chat that establish a relationship. A month later, Xiaomei found herself pregnant, Xiaomei is considering the first pregnancy, both parents met and married who decided to let xiaomei. Unexpectedly, due to lack of experience and knowledge of pregnancy, may July 2015, suffered a miscarriage, but still in August of that year and Aguirre licensing of marriage into the marriage hall. Xiaomei said, because the child did not keep their tired, going to the end of love, the family several times to persuade, read in their feelings only to dispel the idea of breaking up, and who married. After that, the feelings of both was very good, in December 2015 put the wedding banquet. But from the beginning of January 2016, Xiaomei discovered who often night, later found who have been gambling habit, no money also let may help him to pay off his debt. Since then, two people often quarrel, March 2016, unbearable Xiaomei who moved away from home. You may think, and Aguirre and his family’s personality, temperament, values and life habits differ very far, not fusion. Because of who gambling problems, may have complained to the areh family, and his family had been accused may not understand a wife, stir up enmity, responsibility, family discord, runaway husband. Not to be understood in the Floyd in July this year, Conghua court judgment, and Aguirre divorce and division of matrimonial property according to law. The court, sitting in the dock who did not appear in court. Conghua Court: hope that both sides strengthen the sense of responsibility to save the marriage of Conghua court held that the alleged gambling behavior may arrive, but did not submit evidence sufficient to prove the claim, the court shall not be recognized. Who married less than a year and may, in the process of living together, lifestyle and other aspects need to adapt to each other and habits, mutual understanding, the two sides after the conflict should be the first choice of ways to resolve conflicts by strengthening communication. I hope both sides cherish the existing family, strengthen the sense of responsibility, mutual understanding, mutual understanding, resolve conflicts, build a happy family. In summary, recently, both sides have not been completely broken feelings Conghua court that, according to the "People’s Republic of China marriage law" article thirty-second, the "PRC Civil Procedure Law" provisions of article thirty-ninth, the plaintiff and the defendant may ary judgment are not allowed to divorce. Method.相关的主题文章: