Which dragon is your baby The story — let him big change! Sohu – jodie foster

Which dragon is your baby? The story — let him big change! – Sohu’s mother and daughter in the distant Rainbow Town, the beautiful little sun kindergarten, there are many animal partners. For example, YY rabbit, sheep, rat and obediently Lara, Wei Weilong. Now the Wei Weilong is a good child very courageous, enthusiastic, lively and clever. However, once he is a small mistake often make mistakes. All right, fire spray ramming mischief, let the teacher and the mother goat hurt many head. At lunch, Wei Weilong suddenly remembered a little joke, can’t wait to tell YY rabbit listen. When the teacher he goats to take care of other children, secretly tell YY rabbit every time, is only a small, he was stopped by the goat teacher. Of course, Wiwiron is not convinced, jokes will be criticized! So, while the goat teacher again busy, he quickly put that joke to listen to YY rabbit. But when YY rabbit laugh, one of the peanuts slide into the trachea, was nearly choked to death! "The teacher said to the goat…… At dinner, we all have to keep quiet! "After" peanuts "incident, Wei Weilong know while eating and laughing, really is a very dangerous thing. Now, he is no longer so inconsistent with the teacher’s criticism, get rid of the wayward stubborn problems. Deal with criticism, wrong change is a dragon! The story comes from "Wei Weilong to tell a little joke" Wei Weilong is impatient, what things are to quickly finish, only faster, not good. This day, Weiwei dragon Jihouhou out Jihouhou, Jihouhou hit a tree, toppled a bird’s nest. Sorry Wei Weilong promised gave the bird a new home. But when he is doing the nest, Jihouhou, impetuously do several times without success. Either is not strong, or spikes, or a hole! And anxious and angry at all Wei Weilong nest on pieces! In YY rabbit’s help, Wei Weilong calmly help the birds make a bird house, saw wood, nail brush, paint, detail. The new bird house was strong and beautiful, and the birds in the forest came to ask him to help himself. Now not only is the bird house Wei Weilong well, impatient rash illnesses are correct! Calm down, don’t worry about not rash to get things done! The story comes from "give the bird a new home" beautiful summer season, Wei Weilong built a tree house in a tall tree with luxuriant foliage spacious and beautiful. Friends enthusiastically to help him move furniture, but he left a narrow-minded — who can guarantee that they do not put the tree house in a mess? I still don’t ask them to sit up. For many days, Wei Weilong is a person alone in enjoying the beautiful scenery. The tree house is indeed keep very new, but the table and chairs are but have run away! They say the room is too cold! Aware of yourself a bit selfish to do Wei Weilong masterpiece, fragrant and sweet cake. Friends and furniture are to follow the scent. They eat, laughing and chattering! From now on, Wei Weilong tree house has always been everyone was laughing.相关的主题文章: