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Yantai from twelve aspects to promote the financial support of the real economy — Shandong — people.com.cn channel for the further implementation of the "Office of the Shandong Provincial People’s Government on the financial support of the real economy" spirit, to enhance the level of financial services, to promote the city’s supply side structural reforms, promote the development of the real economy. Recently, the Yantai municipal government office issued opinions on the development of the financial support of the real economy, the opinions include twelve aspects. First, to maintain steady growth in credit. Guide the banking institutions to expand the real economy credit. Adhere to the principle of differential treatment, with the help of control, strengthen the coordination of credit policy and industrial policy. Improve and implement the joint management mechanism of large credit. Encourage banking institutions to explore the establishment of due diligence exemption system. Two is to reduce corporate financing costs. Rectification of financial services charges, standardize the financing agency fees. Continue to implement the provincial key industry upgrading loan discount policy. Encourage banks to reasonably determine the term of the loan, reduce the financial costs of corporate loans, shorten the financing chain. Three is to improve the financing mechanism of external credit enhancement. By the end of 2016 to set up 1 more than 1 billion yuan of registered capital financing guarantee institutions by the end of 2017, urban counties to set up 1 more than 300 million yuan of registered capital of the policy financing Guarantee Corporation, registered capital has the condition to reach 500 million yuan. Improve the policy financing guarantee assessment model. Small loan guarantee insurance pilot. Four is to improve the corporate finance services. Cities and counties have set up enterprise credit revolving funds. The perfect real estate financing services, to carry out exploration enterprise not have the right to permit land urban county government centralized custody. Innovative pledge financing. Promote the core of the industry chain of large enterprises to join the people’s bank accounts receivable financing service platform, revitalize the enterprise accounts receivable resources. Improve the efficiency of accounts receivable financing service platform. Set up a pilot platform for Internet private equity financing. Five is to build corporate finance docking platform. The establishment of bank and two-way information notification system, system to carry out normalization in tobacco banking institutions responsible person visits to key business activities in different fields, held a joint meeting of government bank department. Six is to enhance the level of direct financing. To promote the standardization of the scale of the corporate restructuring of the five year action plan to improve the listed companies listed reserve resources, accelerate the pace of listed companies listed. Guide enterprises to choose debt financing instruments. Seven is to encourage mergers and acquisitions. Support mergers and acquisitions of listed companies to encourage industrial funds to participate in mergers and acquisitions. Improve the corporate mergers and acquisitions support policies. Eight is to broaden the diversified financing channels. Integration of various types of financial support funds to set up industrial development fund. Establishment of joint conference system for the use of insurance funds. For investment loan linkage pilot. Foster the introduction of commercial factoring companies and financial leasing companies. Nine is to support the development of local financial organizations. Support qualified enterprises initiated the establishment of small loan companies. Standardize the development of private capital management institutions and private financing registration services. Promote new rural cooperative finance pilot. To carry out between the spot and futures commodity trading market pilot, the expansion of the Yantai joint property rights trading center and the Yantai sea property rights trading center相关的主题文章: