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Zheng Yuanjie: how to successfully destroy your child? Sohu Zheng Yuanjie mother and child to destroy their children, the first thing to do is to destroy the child’s self-esteem, the child was demoted to a humble position. There are several specific methods: 1 let the child feel that he can not do anything, no one appreciated him. For example, learning is not good, looks not, communication is not good, do not do housework, careless, careless, so that his family was involved…… All in all, he had no place to go. 2 often take him "line" to stimulate him. For example, this kind of words should often hang in the mouth: "look at others × × never let parents worry about!" Such words are the most striking and destructive force, is the child’s trump card. 3 parents put himself become victims of family image. This will make the child a sense of guilt, guilt people often use the method of self life. Specific methods are as follows: the children are often told, since with him, you even haven’t seen you for the movie, his broken heart is tired, sick, better to say which specific disease is due to your body caused by him, or, if not to take care of him, his early in a career development. 4 and the child must be ordered to speak tone. Tone must not be kind, must not be used to discuss the tone, be sure to make the volume up to 70 decibels or more, be sure to use the command tone. If you can also cooperate with some sarcastic irony of the Chinese phrase, the effect is better, such as you really stupid, you mix, I’ve never seen you so stupid, how to give birth to you such a thing, etc.. 5 do not give children freedom. It’s up to you to decide what you have to do. Don’t give him any freedom. If you have a diary, be sure to check it out. If he has a letter, be sure to check it. Doing so can cause him in his mind that he is not human, causing him to be manipulated by a puppet. A person is not doubt yourself is not likely to make progress of the. 6 to learn to shoot. Meet the unsatisfactory thing on the unit, came back to find the reason for children throwing gouxue. No matter what is owed to the child’s fault and then teach him, and stop him from tears. This can effectively combat the child’s self-esteem, enhance the child’s sense of inferiority, can also cause him not to feel. 7 the ugly child. The first 6 are in the family alone "". Really going to destroy him, the seventh is the killer. You must be a stranger (or classmates or friends or neighbors) beneath him, he let him be demoted. From the psychological perspective, that makes a person afraid of social psychology, produced the idea of shame. Love and fear of a society and the people are very difficult to survive in the society. You mastered the above 7, basically can destroy their children. Of course, also in practice constantly sum up experience, be proficient, so your child will be destroyed:相关的主题文章: